A few quilts I am working on…..

Like most quilters, I have more than one quilt on the go. Some of my quilts are waiting for binding and a label. Some of my quilts are still in the block stage and just need to be stitched together. Borders are waiting to be added. Some of my “quilts-to-be” are still in the planning stage and just haven’t materialized yet! (yes…pun was intended!)

Quilting is a creative process and does not have to be justified to anyone. Not even to yourself. I love to quilt! I love fabric! I know that I have more fabric than I can possibly use in my lifetime. That doesn’t stop me from buying more!!

Here are some of my quilts I have on the go:

Bouquet for a New Day is a block- of- the- month designed by Sue Garman  I have finished 6 blocks and have 6 more to go.  Slow and steady….

four blocks finsihed so far

Friends of Baltimore is a quilt that I started when I took a class with Georgeann Wrinkle at the 2010 Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy.


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