..a few more quilts on the go….

Four years ago, my friend Kathy (with a K!) and I started a yearly Quilt Challenge.  We buy a piece of  “inspiration”  fabric and split it in half.  We both take a piece of the fabric and design and stitch a quilt in complete secrecy…no hints allowed!!  We set a deadline (which we never meet!!) and then get together for the Big Reveal!!  This year we chose Lark by Amy Butler  .I have a few ideas percolating…I have chosen some solids to co-ordinate.  I am auditioning backgrounds…I think I will go for a white tone-on-tone.

This is the Challenge fabric from 2 years ago.  I have made 16 Feathered Star blocks.  I haven’t put the blocks together yet.  I am still trying to decide on a setting.  I would also like to add an appliqued border.  We will see!!


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