Sunday Afternoon Applique Group

I am very  fortunate to belong to a talented group of hand-appliquers who are as obsessed as I am.  We get together the third Sunday of every month and enjoy stitching together and eating together.  Usually, we stitch for a couple of hours, then we stop for lunch, then we stitch some more.  We choose a pretty ambitious project and everyone makes their own version of the quilt.  Each quilt takes a year (or two!) to complete.  Last year, we chose  Aunt Millie’s Garden by Piece o’ Cake.

This picture shows the quilt in progress.  2 of the borders are attached and really, at this stage, it is just a glorified cat bed!

The quilt is finally finished (except for a binding and label).  Rose Bell of Elite Quilting did an “over-the top outstanding” job of machine quilting Aunt Millie’s Garden. Here is a close up of the quilting.



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