Washing my block

So once my block if completely finished, I figure it deserves a long, hot bubble bath….and so do I!!!

My blocks may not look dirty, but they do need to be cleaned up a bit.  I use starch, glue and marking pens on my blocks.  The blocks may, or may not, have cat hair on them.

I want all that stuff removed before the block is stitched into a quilt.  I do not have to worry about my fabrics running because I have pre-washed everything in hot water and Synthrapol.

This is what I do:

I fill the sink with hot water and add a squirt of liquid soap.  I use either dishwashing soap or whatever hand soap in nearby.

Then I dunk the block in the water.  Do not be nervous!

I usually let it sit for 20 minutes or so.  One time I went out for a couple of hours and forgot about the block soaking in the sink.  It survived.  I am always very surprised (and sometimes a little grossed out) at how grungy and grey the water is.

I let the water out of the sink and rinse the block under warm water until the bubbles are gone. Then I gently press the water out with my hands.  Do not twist the block…it is not a dishcloth!!

Next, I roll the block up in a thick towel and press out any excess water.

Then I lay the block out flat on a dry towel and let it air dry.  I like to put pins in the corners to keep the block flat when it is drying.

And finally, once the block is dry,  I like to turn the block over and give it a final pressing on a thick towel.

And now on to block 7!!  It’s a doozie!!  (See below!)


[doo-zee] verb, doo·zied, doo·zi·ing. Informal noun

Also, doo·zer  [doo-zer]  something that is extraordinary or outstanding of its kind: The storm was a doozie, with winds of fifty miles an hour.


8 thoughts on “Washing my block

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment!
    Thank you for the block washing tips. (I have a cat that likes to drape himself on my sewing too! Lol)
    Your block is beautiful!
    I am looking forward to watching your progress with block 7. It certainly is a doozie!!!

  2. Your block is beautiful, as are all of your applique projects. I like your Roseville Album blocks – with both fabric collections 🙂 and the feathered star quilt is wonderful. I have enjoyed reading about all of your quilts in progress and am now anxious to see how you do the “doozie”. Glad I found your blog!

    • Oh my gosh! Thanks for the lovely comment! Your question has actually got me thinking about how I spend my time. I think I am just able to focus on what I am doing at the time and not get distracted. I love to applique. I love the whole process, the prepping and the stitching. I only make quilts I love, and only use fabrics I love. I think that helps! Oh… and I do as little housework as possible!!

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