Steady progress….

I have never considered myself a stalker!  Well, that is, until I discovered Sue Garman and her amazing, amazing quilts!

I had heard of Sue Garman, but  it was not until I saw an ad in a quilt magazine for her Block- of- the- Month, “Ladies of the Sea”, that  my jaw hit the floor!  I was awestruck.  I had to meet her!  I emailed her and asked her how she stays  motivated.  She gave me the best advice….only work on quilts that you absolutely love, not sort of love, not kind of love….just absolutely love!

I absolutely love Friends of Baltimore (another one of Sue’s BOMs)  so it is easy to stay motivated!

I was lucky enough to meet Sue Garman a couple of years later at Quilt Market.  I told her I was her biggest fan and she giggled!  I wonder if she knows how much of an inspiration she is?

The fuchsias on this block are actually dimensional which makes the block interesting.

Here is how you make them..

Make 2 circles using the 1 1/4″ Perfect Circle.  Use a light and dark fabric and make sure you use matching thread.

Fold one of the circles in towards you and pinch with your fingers.

Take the second circle and fold it around the first circle.

Take a few stitches to hold the petals in place.

Thread an embroidery needle with a couple strands of embroidery floss.  I used yellow.  Knot the thread and stitch through the back to the opening at the top of the flower.  The knots will be on the back of this unit.  Cut the thread an inch or two from the flower.  Repeat this step a couple of times.

I used the starch method on the calyxes, so that means the seam allowance is already turned over.

Now I can just glue it in place at the base.

Lift up the opening and tuck the flower under the calyx and glue in place.  Easy peasy!

Til next time…..



2 thoughts on “Steady progress….

  1. What is that glue bottle? I’m a new follower, and I love applique, but I have to say those needle-nose bottles with the basting glue I use can be a pain to clean after use! I think I’ll be picking up one of my big applique projects after reading through your blog, though. You are a tremendous inspiration. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I totally agree with you about the applicators on those glue bottles! So to avoid the frustration of them, I transfer my glue over to smaller bottles that I purchase at an art store. I believe they are little paint bottles. Soooooo much easier to use!!

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