Possessed by a Feathered Star

Every now and then I get “possessed” by a quilt!

Like most quilters, I have a few quilts on the go. (Just don’t ask me what my definition of “a few” is!)  And I flit from quilt to quilt like a butterfly.  The trouble is, I never land on a quilt long enough to accomplish much.  However, I have been possessed by my Feathered Star quilt.  I have been working almost non-stop on it, so it feels kind of good to be seeing some progress!  The flowers and stems and the wavy border have all been stitched in place, but not the leaves.  I still have to add the yellow circles to all the flowers.

I was a bit stressed because I needed to find the exact shade of green for the leaves and stem, and thought that going fabric shopping would not only distract me, but delay my progress. Then I had a novel thought… I thought maybe I would check my stash….and I found 3 meters of the perfect green!  Who knew??

I am  previewing 2 different fabrics for the binding!  Which one will I choose?

Til next time……..



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