Eat. Drink. Stitch!

Is it just my imagination or is time whizzing by faster than normal?  I looked at the calendar this morning and realized (much to my surprise!) that September 1 is not that far away.

Amy and Bruce are getting married on September 1 and I still have a fair amount of quilting to do on their quilt.  Let’s be honest, there is a lot of quilting left to be done!  The bottom right hand block still needs to be done, as well as the the borders. And it will need a binding…and a label….yikes!

I love putting  hidden gems in my quilts.  I found a fabric that had little sayings printed on it.  I fussy cut  4 of the words and stitched them in to a flower on each border.

I used a Frixion marking pen to mark the quilting lines.  I was thrilled to be able to mark the quilt top and not have the marks disappear before my eyes while I  stitch.  Brilliant!

Speaking of brilliant….. Solar Iced Tea!

Fill a large pitcher with a 8 cups of water.  Toss in 6 tea bags and leave in the sun for 6-8 hours.  Easy Peasy!

Til next time…….



4 thoughts on “Eat. Drink. Stitch!

  1. The little words on the flower is very sweet! I just love the little details that get noticed ‘later’.:) Good luck on the finish!

  2. Thanks you! You are right. Time on the computer is time spent not stitching. But it really is important to be inspired….and stay inspired. I am impressed that you already have a border of FOB finished. Keep on going!

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