Civil War Bride Quilt Block 1

I am so excited to have finished the first block of The Civil War Bride Quilt!

I thought the pieces in the top right and left corners were leaves, so I made them green.  After going on the Civil War Bride Quilt blog, I see that maybe they are supposed to be birds!  (How did I not see that!?!)  Anyway…leaves they will stay!

Every time I put Amy’s quilt down and leave the room, the cat decides it is nap time.  I keep a lint brush handy at all times!

I am making pretty steady progress on Amy’s quilt.  I have one side border completely done.  I have turned a corner and now on to the second side.

The next block of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” looks pretty challenging!  (See below.)  The fabric is pre-washed and I am ready to get started!

chal·leng·ing  (chln-jng)


Calling for full use of one’s abilities or resources in a difficult but stimulating effort: a challenging course of study; a challenging role for an inexperienced performer.
Til next time…..

9 thoughts on “Civil War Bride Quilt Block 1

  1. Your applique work is beautiful! Congrats on a great start to your incredible project! Someday maybe I’ll get brave enough to make a quilt like that.:)

  2. I was so excited to find your blog. I am new to blogging, but I too am working on Friends of Baltimore quilt. I have not posted any photos of it yet-I’ve been in my garden a lot lately. I love the Civil War Bride quilt…so many quilts, so little time….Please pop into my blog sometime. I’d love to hear from an experienced blogger and quilter…

    • Thank you so much for visiting by blog and the lovely comments! I visited your blog and love your log cabin quilt. Where did you get those hand-dyed fabrics? They are gorgeous! Which block of Friends of Baltimore are you working on?

      • I have been busy gardening and have not been working on FOB lately, but I have finished the first four squares and one border. I needed to work on something less complicated for summer and have another quilt that I designed with simpler applique. Photos to follow, of course… Which square are you working on? As for my log cabin, I dyed all of the fabrics. Too many projects….

  3. I just discovered you through the quilting gallery. I wanted to feature some Ontario bloggers on my blog. Yours caught my eye and then I kept reading. My goodness, everyone is going to the east coast this summer. We spent two magnificent weeks in PEI in July.
    Your blog is great. Love it.

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