Friends of Baltimore…next block

What is wrong with this picture?  Well…let’s see!!

First of all it is 31 degrees!  The quilt that I am working on has a wool batting in it!  Oh….and the cat has decided it’s time to snuggle!  It’s just way too hot to hand-quilt today.

So I decided to switch gears until it cools down a bit.  I am making steady progress on the next block of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  First the leaves….and then the nuts…….and a couple of flowers!

……and then the twisted vines!  They were fun!

And now the bird!

My favourite method of applique is the freezer paper and starch method,  especially on a section like the tail feathers.  Every piece has to fit exactly.

The seam allowance is pressed over the freezer paper pattern. The freezer paper is then removed and the seam allowance is turned under, ready to stitch!   A  few dabs of glue will hold the piece in place on the background.

The tail feathers are now ready to stitch in place!

Til next time…….



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