Measure twice…..stitch once!!

I was making some pretty impressive progress on Amy’s quilt.  It was easy to sit and stitch while being inspired by the athletes competing in the Olympics.  The trouble was, I was a little distracted.  Every time I completed another few lines of the background quilting in the outer border, I said to myself….”Something looks a little off.”  But, then I would look up at the TV and see that someone had just won a race, or a medal!  And then I just kept on stitching!

Well!  More than just a few hours (and  lines) later, I noticed that I had marked some of the lines 1 1/4″  apart and some 1 3/4″ apart.  Always one to look for the silver lining, I used this as an opportunity to test the Frixion marker I had used to mark the lines.

After I un-stitched all the background lines in the border (yikes!), I put some water in my steam iron and gave the lines a blast of steam.  (Important note:  The iron NEVER touched the quilt top.  I held the iron a couple of inches from the quilt top.)

I must say I was bedazzled!!  (See below.)  The lines instantly disappeared…not a trace of any of the marking were left!


be·daz·zle (b -d z l). tr.v. be·daz·zled, be·daz·zling, be·daz·zles. 1. To dazzle so completely as to make blind. 2. To please irresistibly; enchant.

Til next time….



10 thoughts on “Measure twice…..stitch once!!

  1. Ohhhh, looks really beautiful! I have one of those pens and have been chicken to try it! So glad to see your experiment work! Can’t wait to see more of this quilt!

    • Believe me, I was nervous! Although I did not try the pen first before marking my entire quilt top, I had done a bit of research on Frixion pens and felt comfortable using them. Give it a shot! The nice thing is that you can mark your entire quilt top and the marks stay visible til you remove them with heat.

  2. I’m so glad you posted about this pen in it’s ‘real-time’ use! I had some marking disasters a couple years ago and have been waaaay too nervous to use anything except a marking pencil ever since! Your quilting is looking beautiful. Glad you discovers your mistake fairly quickly.:)

  3. I use those pens for a lot of different markings. I’ve not been disappointed in them yet. I bought a set of them at Staples and like the variety of colours.

  4. So beautiful!! It’ll be worth it when it’s all done. 🙂 I had to un-stitch a blouse I was sewing today and it took me longer to do that than to do the entire blouse! I was frustrated but now that it’s finished and ready to give to my friend as a gift, it was worth it… I think.

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