When bad things happen to good quilt blocks…

Normally, I am very careful when I stitch and drink coffee at the same time.  But not today!

I am not exactly sure what happened….except that the coffee cup missed my mouth and coffee dribbled down my chin and onto Block #2 of Civil War Bride. Yikes!

When I start an applique block, the first thing I do is trace the pattern on to the background with a water soluble marker.  I trace all of the shapes and I even number them so I know which order to stitch.  Sort of like painting by numbers…only with fabric!

So when I ran to the sink and rinsed the block under the tap to remove the coffee, I also removed the majority of my markings.  Really, just a minor detail. I waited for the block to dry and then I re-traced the pattern and continued on my merry way!

First I stitched a few leaves in place….

…and then the bias stem.

Next a  flower and some buds.  My first thought was to make all the flowers purple, but now I think I will make them all different colours!

Til next time…



6 thoughts on “When bad things happen to good quilt blocks…

  1. Oh how scary! That was a quick save and it looks like everything will be alright now. Thank goodness!
    I was hand quilting on an appliquéd quilt at church. It was on a expensive (then) hand-dyed beige. One of the older women saw me working on it and came over with a sad face and said “Honey, it’s too bad that you spilled your coffee all over that beautiful piece”. It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking then, or I would have spit all over the quilt from laughing so hard.

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