Filling the Basket

Slowly (but surely!) the basket is filling up!

First, a few more flowers and buds…and some bird feet!

Finally!  I stitched the bird in place…and I added a few more flowers.

And then more flowers, buds and leaves.  I love it when the end is in sight!!

I am constructing some of the flowers off-block.  Here is the front of the flower…

…and here is the back.  Now it can be stitched onto the background.  Because this flower has four layers, I trimmed out one of the layers so that it is not so thick.

I am almost caught up on Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week.

This is “Alice’s Flag” from Week 7.

Week 9 is “Brick Pavement”.

Week 10 is “New York”.

Til next time….



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