How I spent Saturday morning…and afternoon!

Well!  Finally the basket is filled with flowers and a bird.  All it needs is a butterfly!

I decided it would be much easier to build the butterfly off-block.  First I cut the  tiny pieces out of freezer paper and prepped them.

I should have used a magnifying glass!


Next, I glued and stitched the pieces in place.

Then, I stitched the butterfly in place on the background, starting with his lower wings.  To make everything lay nice and flat, I always baste any raw edges to the background, before I cover it with the next piece.

Next, I added the top half of his wings and his body.

And…finally!…here is the finished block!

I read an awesome post about Stash Management  by Teresa at Quilt Therapy.  When you read her blog, prepare to be amazed by her creativity and talent (and her fabric collection!)

For a while now, I have been trying to organize my stash so that I can work more efficiently.  I seem to spend a lot of time searching for fabric that I know I have (but just can’t put my fingers on it) and I spend even more time folding and re-folding fabric, but it always ends up looking like this….

….and this.  If I wanted to spend my life folding fabric, I would fold the laundry!

So, here is the perfect solution for appliquers.  Teresa suggests cutting our fabric into more manageable sizes (4″ x 6″) and storing it in plastic containers intended for photos.  Brilliant!  Thanks, Teresa!

Til next time…



10 thoughts on “How I spent Saturday morning…and afternoon!

  1. Oohh, nice basket! You are getting lots done! Love the bright colors and especially the contrast do all colors. Really pops on the background! Keep it up! ( I just unsubscribed and resubscribed with a different email as your posts keep going to spam! This change should help but my email will be different)

  2. your block is gorgeous. I am just awestruck by your applique- that small butterfly is just amazing. Thank you for being my inspiration whenever I read your posts!

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