Moving right along…..

Since I have finished the basket block from Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”, I thought I would work on the next block of Civil War Bride.  Compared to the basket block, I should have this block completed in no time!  I started with the bias stems.

I have been hoarding this piece of fabric for a long time now.  I just thought on the off chance if I needed a fabric that looked like real strawberries, I would be ready!!

So I added the strawberries!

Then I added all the leaves.  I must say, after reading Teresa’s post (see my last post for details!), I have been chopping my fabric into smaller pieces, and I am coming across a few green fabrics  that I had forgotten all about.  I love using a variety of greens in my blocks!!

I am getting the tops of the strawberries prepped.  As you can see, they are tiny with some pretty nifty peaks and valleys!  Lots of fun!!

Til next time….



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