Stitching merrily along!

I was all set to start the “Family Album” block in Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.

Then I looked at the pattern cover to see exactly how much I had left to do…(heavy sigh)…a lot!!

So I put all my finished block on my design wall to gather some inspiration and I realized that I almost had a complete row finished… except for one block.

So I am working on that block instead in the hopes that I can have a row completed by December 31.  That is my goal!  If you look closely at the pattern, you will see that the sashing is made up of many, many, many red and white half-square triangles.

First I stitched the bias in place.

I always join my bias stems underneath another piece of fabric.  You can use up a lot of short strips this way.

Then I added the bird and some leaves….

…and some more leaves.

Til next time….



11 thoughts on “Stitching merrily along!

  1. You have made great progress on your blocks! This block is the one I most recently finished. It comes together much faster than any of the others! I’m not looking forward to making all that sashing! Lol Maybe I should start now!

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