Time…please slow down!

Saturday? Already?

We all know what a busy and stressful time of year this can be. From what I am hearing, social protocol dictates that I should be baking!!   We all also know the best way to get through the busy-ness and the stress is to find a quiet, relaxing activity…like quilting!

The very moment I sit down to quilt, whether its hand-applique, hand-quilting or even stitching a block together on the sewing machine, I can feel the tension and stress melt away.  Like this snowman!





I have been slowly working away on the next block of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  I opted to do the flower buds flat, rather that dimensional, as the pattern suggested.


Also, I am still stitching the evenings away with a quilt (and sometimes a cat!) on my lap.


Til next time….


6 thoughts on “Time…please slow down!

  1. Aww, cut little silly putty snowman! You are coming right along with your next quilt. The colors are lovely! And of course, your quilting looks great! Even your cat thinks so!! Take care!

  2. Mr. Snowman had me positively giggling!
    Your next block is lovely, and good for you to continue making time to quilt. I know it has to be relaxing (especially for kitty!). Now I need to get on with binding 🙂

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