Sunday afternoon stitching…

My Christmas baking is finally done!

christmas baking

So that means I have more time for important stuff…like stitching!

My Sunday Afternoon Applique Group met today.  We all agreed we should have been shopping/baking/wrapping, but it was sure nice to sit and stitch (and relax!) for a couple of hours with a great group of ladies!   I decided to work on the tail feathers of my Civil War Bride block.  Long, skinny pieces can be tricky to stitch.  Here are a few tips:

Remember, there is no need to fold the seam allowance over if it is going to be covered with another piece.  Leave it “raw”.

raw edge

Begin stitching here…

start here

…and end here.end here

When I am finished stitching the piece in place, I  baste along the raw edge, just inside the seam allowance.


So when I put the next feather in place, the piece I am covering lays nice and flat.

next one 2

I still have a few feathers to stitch!

tail feathers (2)

I have chosen the fabric for the half-square triangle sashing for my Friends of Baltimore quilt.   The fabric is not royal blue or navy blue…just somewhere in between!  I am going to start to sew the half-square triangles together, and maybe start to stitch the finished blocks together!  So exciting!

blue fabric

Til next time….



4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon stitching…

  1. Ahhh, so pretty! Love that tail! You have gotten most of it done! Sure wish I could be in your Sunday Stitching group! You certainly would be an inspiration!! Have a great week!

  2. Love your feathers–gorgeous work! I think our various quilter groups are valuable as much for the companionable talk as for the projects.:)

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