Another block finished!

So I finished stitching the remaining tail feathers in place on my Civil War Bride block.

finished tail feathers

Then I gave the bird’s feet and beak a bit of thought.  The pieces were just too tiny and detailed to use cotton fabric to applique.  I have a good selection of Ultra-Suede and found a color that I would imagine a bird’s feet and beak to be.

I cut the feet and beak pieces out of freezer paper and ironed it directly onto the Ultra-Suede.  I carefully cut the pieces out and stitched them in place.  I decided the pieces could use a bit more definition so I very carefully drew around the very edge of the Ultra-Suede with a brown Micron permanent marker.


The right foot has marker on it and the left one doesn’t.  Can you see the difference?

ultra suede feet

And here is the finished block!

finished block (2)

Til next time…



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