A Mathematical Miracle!!

My Challenge was to have a complete row stitched together by December 31.  Well! It’s only December 29 and I have met my Challenge!  First I stitched a couple of blocks together.

2 blocks

Then I added another block…

3 blocks

…and another one.  Finally, the row was finished.  And to top it off, I added a side border!  Jenny is thrilled!

jenny and blocks

Some people asked me why I pressed my seams open for my half-square triangles.  Here is the reason:  When I stitch and press all my seams open, I have a ready-made guide for my seam line.

seam allowance

I don’t exactly know why this works, but I consider it a Mathematical Miracle!!

Til next time….



10 thoughts on “A Mathematical Miracle!!

  1. Wow!! They look great together Congratulations of meeting your challenge.
    I have been jumping around with my blocks and plan to do one of the borders next. Its been ages since I worked on FOB!!!!

  2. your blocks are just beautiful! I am so impressed that you met your challenge early!
    and thank you for your post about the perfect HST’s I love to overcut mine too- makes for less drama in the end here in my sewing room 🙂

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