An Inspiring Sunday Afternoon

When my Sunday Afternoon Applique Group gets together…look out!  We laugh, we eat and we solve the world’s problems!  There is no shortage of creativity and inspiration!

I mentioned to my group that I’ve hit a snag with my Roseville blocks.  I love the fabrics and the block patterns, but I really want to set the quilt differently than in the original pattern.  I was a little  unsure how I wanted to set it, so I was in no hurry to finish the blocks.  This afternoon, we put our creative minds together and came up with a plan!

Here is a sample of what I am going to do.  I will  applique  9 of the blocks (instead of 13) and piece together 12  “Single Irish Chain” alternate blocks.  I am now “Officially Excited” about this quilt!

alternate block

All  of the 200 or so 2 1/2″ squares are cut.  Let the stitching begin!


Oh!  I almost forgot!  I finished hand-quilting another block on Sue Garman’s Bouquet for a New Day.

block 3

That completes a whole row!

3 blocks finished

Til next time…



7 thoughts on “An Inspiring Sunday Afternoon

  1. Oh yeah! It is very exciting to work through a dilemma so successfully. Your blocks are beautiful! Congrats on your hand quilting progress. It’s looking fabulous!

  2. ahhhh! now I get it, LOL! Love the setting and especially love our Sunday afternoon applique group 🙂 You are truly inspiring Kerry!!

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