So darn excited!

I am really excited to be working on the next block of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  When I finish this block, I will be able to stitch together another row, which I can then add to my first completed row!  I am going to start hyper-ventilating real soon!


First I started with the vase.  The dark brown piece at the top was the first one to be stitched in place, and then the pieces below it followed.

vase 1

Next, the remaining dark brown pieces were stitched in place.  The long edges will be covered by the light brown sections, so the edges do not need to be turned under.

vase 2

vase 3

And, finally, the last section is added.  The top edge looks odd, but will be covered with flowers and leaves.

vase 4

Next, the handles were added and some stems and leaves.  Please allow me to gush about these leaves! I fussy-cut  each leaf with the lighter green “veins” running lengthwise.  I am pleased as punch!

vase 7

Now that the berries are in place, I can start to fill the vase with many, many flowers!

vase 8

I can’t think of a better way to spend the cold winter evening than hand-quilting Sue Garman’s “Bouquets For A New Day”.  Here is another completed block!

bouquet for a new day

Til next time…



A Tasty Block!

Onward and upward!  I was eager to start the next block of  The Civil War Bride Quilt, so that is what I did!  First, I traced the pattern on the background with a Clover water soluble marker.  Next, I made some stems using my 1/4″ bias maker, and then, I stitched them in place.

stems 1

I wanted skinnier stems for the cherries, so I took the stems I made with the bias maker and folded them in half lengthwise.  They are really skinny!

stems 2

Next I added some leaves and a bunch of grapes….

grapes 3

….and then I added the pears, the strawberries and the apples….I started getting a little hungry!

grapaes 5

Next, I stitched all of the remaining leaves in place.  Jenny can hardly contain her excitement!


I added the cherries and Voila!  Another completed block!

completed block

For some reason, I was craving fruit salad…so I went to the fridge and dug out a pear, some strawberries, an apple and some grapes.  I did not ave any “real” cherries, but I did have some dried cherries.


I added a few pecans and had myself a very healthy snack!

fruit salad

Til next time….


Lots of Leaves!

The block I am working on  from the Civil War Bride had a lot of leaves on it.

a few more leaves

Boredom was starting to set in, so thank goodness I had some emergency chocolate stashed away!


I stitched a bit…ate a chocolate…stitched a bit…ate a chocolate…until finally all the leaves and flowers were stitched in place.

finished block

I was worried that my pink flower looked a little…well….pale.  It seemed to fade into the background.


So I carefully drew around the outer edge with a pink Sharpie marker.  Much better, I think!


Til next time…


The Trouble With Vacations….

Vacations are wonderful….except they come to an end!

This year, we decided to do something really different for our winter vacation.  On January 25, Paul and I left the Canadian winter behind and flew to Antigua, where we spent two absolutely awesome weeks aboard The Amoeba,  a 67′  schooner owned by John and Bev Bryson.  We had the pleasure of meeting John and Bev earlier this past summer when we went for a sunset cruise on The Amoeba while visiting family in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.


When we weren’t on the sailboat, we were on the beach….


…or buying fabric!  Who could resist?



Of course, wherever I go, I take my applique with me!



So now it is time to get back to reality and do some serious stitching!  I woke up this morning with the next block of Civil War Bride on my mind.

First I stitched the stems in place.


Then I added some colourful buds.


The many, many leaves are prepped and ready to go!


Til next time….


So Close to a Finish!

This block in Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”  is so close to being complete!  I am so excited!!  The only thing left is the Album that will sit in the empty space.

First, I made the spine of the Album…

book 1

…and then I prepped the red background of the Album.  I chose more of a burgundy red so the Album would stand out from the red flowers.

book 2

The skinny beige border is a full piece.  I think it is easier to work with a big piece rather than a skinny little piece!  And finally, the top red piece of fabric.

book 3

I added the spine…


…and I placed the Album in the basket……

almost finished - Copy

…and I topped it off with a flower and some leaves.  Voila!!

officially finished 6

Can’t wait to start the next block!  I am pre-washing the fabrics as we speak!!

pre-washing next block

Til next time…