So Close to a Finish!

This block in Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”  is so close to being complete!  I am so excited!!  The only thing left is the Album that will sit in the empty space.

First, I made the spine of the Album…

book 1

…and then I prepped the red background of the Album.  I chose more of a burgundy red so the Album would stand out from the red flowers.

book 2

The skinny beige border is a full piece.  I think it is easier to work with a big piece rather than a skinny little piece!  And finally, the top red piece of fabric.

book 3

I added the spine…


…and I placed the Album in the basket……

almost finished - Copy

…and I topped it off with a flower and some leaves.  Voila!!

officially finished 6

Can’t wait to start the next block!  I am pre-washing the fabrics as we speak!!

pre-washing next block

Til next time…



12 thoughts on “So Close to a Finish!

  1. Absolutly amazing! I love the fabrics you picked for the book. Looks exactly like an old leather bound novel or photo album. perfect colors. Stunning as usual!

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