Lots of Leaves!

The block I am working on  from the Civil War Bride had a lot of leaves on it.

a few more leaves

Boredom was starting to set in, so thank goodness I had some emergency chocolate stashed away!


I stitched a bit…ate a chocolate…stitched a bit…ate a chocolate…until finally all the leaves and flowers were stitched in place.

finished block

I was worried that my pink flower looked a little…well….pale.  It seemed to fade into the background.


So I carefully drew around the outer edge with a pink Sharpie marker.  Much better, I think!


Til next time…



9 thoughts on “Lots of Leaves!

  1. Your block is beautiful! That’s my favorite chocolate – mmmmm :0) The pink sharpie marker does the trick – I would never have noticed it but it makes such a difference.

  2. Very pretty Kerry! Great idea to outline with a marker. I know in the past the Austrailian appliqué artists would outline with a single strand of stem stitching. From your recent post, I see you live in Canada. For some reason I thought you lived in North Carolina in the US. Blogging is such fun…we meet folks from all over the world.

  3. I always love your little tips! This is a great block. I have a (little) stash of chocolate for emergencies like that too. Just can’t let the husband know or it’ll be gone in a flash.:)

  4. I love the effect all the different patterns and shades of green create for the leaves. It makes is so interesting to look at. Your stuff is always fantastic!

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