Spring tease…

I was so tickled with how my wreath turned out I left it on my design wall and just kept staring at it in awe!  But, now its time to get on with the show!  Green fabric is not something that I am going to run out of anytime soon, so I used a good variety of fabrics for the leaves!

pattern 10

Now…time for the circles…and chocolate.  I find prepping and stitching circles a little tedious, so I use chocolate as an incentive.  I stitch a few circles…eat some chocolate…stitch a few more circles…eat some more chocolate….


I was all set to glue the circles in place, but I did not want to interrupt nap time!  So I waited…and ate some chocolate…waited some more and ate some more chocolate!

sleeping kitty

Once Bruin finally woke up, I glued all the circles in place.  Fancy!


This picture is just a tease!  More details to follow!

vase (2)

Til next time…



“Finish me! Finish me!”

This block from Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” was staring at me from the design wall.  It was saying: “Finish me!  Finish me!”  So I did.

almost finished

I had not gotten around to adding the section to the front of the book.  I was afraid it was going to be a little… fiddly. (Definition of fiddly: requiring close attention to detail : fussy; especially : requiring an annoying amount of close attention).  It was!


Here is what I did.  I ironed a piece of freezer paper to the back of the fabric that I was going to write “Album” on.  I did this so the fabric would not slip around while I was writing on it.

album 2

Using my light box, I traced the word “Album” with a permanent marker.

album 3

I traced the finished line with a Frixion marker, so that line would eventually disappear.

album 4

Bruin likes to pay close attention to the details!

album 8

Next, I took the freezer paper template and ironed it to the back of the fabric with the writing on it.  I used the line I drew with the Frixion marker to place the freezer paper template in the correct spot.

album 6

album 7

Once that was all done, I prepped the piece as usual.

album 9

Next, I prepped the beige piece…

album 11

….and here we go…An Officially Finished Block!

finished album

Til next time…


How wrong was I??

Very wrong!  I had been wanting to start the next block of Sue Garman’s “Friend’s of Baltimore”.  Well!  I took one look at the block…and walked away!  It looked way too difficult.  Boy, was I wrong.

In fact, it was not difficult at all…almost a walk in the park!  Here is the freezer paper template. Yikes!

pattern 1

And here is the template ironed on to the wrong side of the fabric.  So far, so good!

pattern 2

I thought this is where it might get a bit dicey.  So instead of cutting out the entire design, I just cut a small portion and starched the seam allowance in place.

pattern 3

The next thing I knew, I was finished the inner part!

pattern 4

So I worked on the outer section until the whole piece was prepped!

pattern 6

I took a deep breath and removed the freezer paper…

pattern 7

And this tangled mess….

pattern 8

…turned in to this!

pattern 9

I would  like to thank the quilt gods for helping make this possible!!

Til next time…


Row 2 of Civil War Bride Completed!

I was one block away from finishing the  second row of  “The Civil War Bride Quilt”!   All I had to do was finish the bird block.  So I spruced the birds up with some tail feathers that I thought were rather snazzy, added some solid looking feet and gave each bird a colourful comb!

bird block

close-up birds

After I finished stitching each block, I washed it in the sink with hot soapy water to remove all of the starch, glue and even a bit of my own blood!  (Note to self…my new scissors are really sharp!)  When they were dry, I trimmed the blocks to the correct size.  (As a rule, I always cut my blocks 2″-3″ larger than needed.)  Believe it or not, the blocks do shrink up a fair amount once they are stitched.


Once they were all trimmed to the correct size, I started stitching them together.

3 blocks

5 blocks

And, finally, I stitched 2 rows together!  Spiffy!

2 rows

Since I had my sewing machine out, I took the time to stitch another block of Barbara Brackman’s “Grandmother’s Choice”.  I must confess, I am a not exactly keeping up with the weekly blocks, but I do intend to make a quilt (or two!) with the blocks …and maybe add a few applique blocks.  We will see!

GC blocks

Til next time…


Not so fast!

I was so excited!  My block was finally finished…or was it?  I must admit, all along I thought the vase was missing a little something.  And it was!  So…here is the “unfinished” block…

almost finished

….and here is the “finished” block!

officially finished

I thought I would take a break from the flowers, and leaves and vines.  The birds on the next block of the Civil War Bride Quilt were calling my name!

First, I started with some stems and beaks, and what I assume is some sort of fruit.  (So far I am not impressed!)


Next, I added some branches and leaves.  (Still not impressed!)

branches (1)

Okay, now I see it coming together!  All the birds need now are some tail feathers and they are ready for take-off!


Til next time…


How Crazy Am I?

As I work away on Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”, I keep asking myself…”How crazy am I?”  These teeny, weensy pieces are a little…..tiny!   This is the actual freezer paper pattern.

freezer paper 1

First I made the tiny outer blue circle.

blue outer circle

Then, the teeny, tiny yellow inner circle.

finished yellow circle

Here is the flower, before the centre is added.

flower before

And here is the finished flower!

flower after

This is what I have accomplished so far!

vase 3

I have been working very steadily on Sue Garman’s “Bouquets For A New Day”.  Here is another finished block…


…and here is what I have completed so far!  It is starting to have an “almost finished” look to it!


Til next time…