Not so fast!

I was so excited!  My block was finally finished…or was it?  I must admit, all along I thought the vase was missing a little something.  And it was!  So…here is the “unfinished” block…

almost finished

….and here is the “finished” block!

officially finished

I thought I would take a break from the flowers, and leaves and vines.  The birds on the next block of the Civil War Bride Quilt were calling my name!

First, I started with some stems and beaks, and what I assume is some sort of fruit.  (So far I am not impressed!)


Next, I added some branches and leaves.  (Still not impressed!)

branches (1)

Okay, now I see it coming together!  All the birds need now are some tail feathers and they are ready for take-off!


Til next time…



8 thoughts on “Not so fast!

  1. Kerry
    Where were able to get the pattern for the Sue Garman quilt? You have inspired me to complete the Baltimore i started many years ago.
    And thanks for liking my blog-

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