How wrong was I??

Very wrong!  I had been wanting to start the next block of Sue Garman’s “Friend’s of Baltimore”.  Well!  I took one look at the block…and walked away!  It looked way too difficult.  Boy, was I wrong.

In fact, it was not difficult at all…almost a walk in the park!  Here is the freezer paper template. Yikes!

pattern 1

And here is the template ironed on to the wrong side of the fabric.  So far, so good!

pattern 2

I thought this is where it might get a bit dicey.  So instead of cutting out the entire design, I just cut a small portion and starched the seam allowance in place.

pattern 3

The next thing I knew, I was finished the inner part!

pattern 4

So I worked on the outer section until the whole piece was prepped!

pattern 6

I took a deep breath and removed the freezer paper…

pattern 7

And this tangled mess….

pattern 8

…turned in to this!

pattern 9

I would  like to thank the quilt gods for helping make this possible!!

Til next time…



13 thoughts on “How wrong was I??

  1. Kerry, you’ve given me the courage to do this and it DOES work! I’ve discovered that Best Press works better for me than regular starch, lending a softer edge and it’s more forgiving if my mini iron stays too long in one place (no shiny, hard fabric). Annie

  2. OMG- I am seriously impressed. Gives me hope that I can get the hang of using starch- I just find it so messy and nit-picky, and talk myself back into needle turning my applique. No way I could do as nice a job as you did using the starch. Time to practice, practice, practice!

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