“Finish me! Finish me!”

This block from Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” was staring at me from the design wall.  It was saying: “Finish me!  Finish me!”  So I did.

almost finished

I had not gotten around to adding the section to the front of the book.  I was afraid it was going to be a little… fiddly. (Definition of fiddly: requiring close attention to detail : fussy; especially : requiring an annoying amount of close attention).  It was!


Here is what I did.  I ironed a piece of freezer paper to the back of the fabric that I was going to write “Album” on.  I did this so the fabric would not slip around while I was writing on it.

album 2

Using my light box, I traced the word “Album” with a permanent marker.

album 3

I traced the finished line with a Frixion marker, so that line would eventually disappear.

album 4

Bruin likes to pay close attention to the details!

album 8

Next, I took the freezer paper template and ironed it to the back of the fabric with the writing on it.  I used the line I drew with the Frixion marker to place the freezer paper template in the correct spot.

album 6

album 7

Once that was all done, I prepped the piece as usual.

album 9

Next, I prepped the beige piece…

album 11

….and here we go…An Officially Finished Block!

finished album

Til next time…



4 thoughts on ““Finish me! Finish me!”

  1. I only found your website today and can´t believe what I´m seeing. Your work is absolutely amazing! The blocks you´re making are so detailed and full and neat! Thank you so much for showing. I have done hand applique a bit, and am planning something around charm quilt type of center of hexagons. I searched for hand appliqued flowers and surely found them on your site! Thank you so much!

    Leena P

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