Spring tease…

I was so tickled with how my wreath turned out I left it on my design wall and just kept staring at it in awe!  But, now its time to get on with the show!  Green fabric is not something that I am going to run out of anytime soon, so I used a good variety of fabrics for the leaves!

pattern 10

Now…time for the circles…and chocolate.  I find prepping and stitching circles a little tedious, so I use chocolate as an incentive.  I stitch a few circles…eat some chocolate…stitch a few more circles…eat some more chocolate….


I was all set to glue the circles in place, but I did not want to interrupt nap time!  So I waited…and ate some chocolate…waited some more and ate some more chocolate!

sleeping kitty

Once Bruin finally woke up, I glued all the circles in place.  Fancy!


This picture is just a tease!  More details to follow!

vase (2)

Til next time…



9 thoughts on “Spring tease…

  1. Oh my, that is wonderful! Love how your wreath is looking! I do that too, reward myself with chocolate to keep going. My daughter found my stash the other day though so time to find a new hiding spot.:)

  2. Just delightful! and a wonderful spring-inspired bunch of flowers. Of course it is autumn here in Australia but I know it is spring in the US and UK. I think you are in the US….so enjoy it! Your sewing is such a treat to see 🙂

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