A Bit of Catch-up….

This block from Civil War Bride needed a butterfly in the bottom right hand corner before it could be considered “Officially Finished”.

bird block

However, I wanted to find a really interesting fabric for the wings.  A fabric  that would do the butterfly proud!  So I waited patiently.  Then, I came across this chunk of fabric in my stash.  (For those of you who are wondering, I am taking every bit of fabric for this quilt from my stash.)  I love this type of fabric!  The pattern repeat is symmetrical, rather than asymmetrical.  These fabrics are rare, so grab them when you find them!

fussy cut 3

This dark curly part caught my eye.

fussy cut 1

I cut the butterfly wings out of the fabric so that the wings would be mirror images of each other.  I placed the pattern so that the black curly part would be somewhere near the middle of the butterfly.  The beauty of doing this, is that you never really know what you will end up with!

fussy cut 2

And here is the proud butterfly!


So once I got that off my mind, I continued on with my “Friends of Baltimore” block.  I added some buds, stems and leaves.  If you look closely, you will see that I used 2 different greens for the wreath and the stems.   (Between you and I, that was a bit of an oopsy on my part.  Mum’s the word!)

wreath 1

Then came the  flowers, complete with buds and centers.

wreath 3

Next, came a pretty little bow…

wreath 4

… and, FINALLY, a couple of love birds!

wreath 5

Til next time….



18 thoughts on “A Bit of Catch-up….

  1. Perfect wing fabric! Nice Jove getting them to mirror so well! Tha’s confusing for me when I do it! I think I am visually challenged with it! Haha! Beautiful block!

  2. Beautiful work! Love how you played with the fabric for your butterfly. Great reminder for us to make the best use of our fabric.:)

  3. Your butterfly is a winner. I appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you “found” and the way you cut the wings. Good to know as one day I am going to do this quilt.

  4. I’ve just found your blog, and so happy that you’re ahead of me on the Friends of Baltimore. I only have pieces of the blocks at any given time with me to applique, so I’m using your wonderful blog as a reference. You just saved my heart, I’ve got it half appliqued by needleturn, when all of a sudden I got panicked by the thought that I had leaves to insert under the frame of the heart. I checked yours, and realized I’m ok. Love the way you made it work with freezer paper. I chickened out on freezer paper on this block and am needle turning the whole thing.

  5. Hi Kerry. I’ve been using your blog to guide me along as I stitch on my FOB. Thank you so much. Its been a wonderful reference guide for me. I am interested in what you used for your blue guide window for marking the final block size. This would be a huge help. Would you please send me a follow up email? 4 borders done, 2 corner blocks, done, 7 blocks, done. Onward and forward in AB!

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