A Good Way to Spend the Evening!

It was going to be a very exciting evening!  I have completed another four  blocks from Sue Garman’s “Friend’s of Baltimore” and they are ready to be stitched together into a row.  I already have one row stitched together.  You can read about that here.  When I cut my background blocks, I always cut them 2″ or 3″ larger than the finished size.  So, before I could stitch the blocks together, I had to trim them down to the correct size.  Here is what I did to make the job so easy and stress-free…The best part is, I never had to measure anything!

I made a window template  with the opening the exact measurement of the unfinished size of the block.  The finished size is 15″, so I needed to trim the blocks down to 15 1/2″, therefore I made the opening 15 1/2″.  (I hope that makes sense!)

trim 2 (1)

So now I could place the window template on the block and make sure that everything was centred nicely.

trim 4 (2)

Next, I traced around the opening with a marking pen.

trim 7

Then I trimmed the excess fabric away by cutting on the marked line.  Easy peasy!

trim 5

trim 6

So, once I trimmed all the blocks to the correct size, I started to stitch the blocks together in a row.

r rows (2)

Ta da!   An evening well spent!

r rows (1)

Til next time…



30 thoughts on “A Good Way to Spend the Evening!

  1. Absolutely wonderful – you are such an inspiration Kerry! Great to see how you trim the blocks to size – seems the perfect way to get the sizes and placements just right.

  2. Thank you for showing us how you measure your blocks. Can you tell me how you have made the blue square? I am still trying to decide if I’m game for this quilt or not…..

    • I used a piece of plastic I found in the garage. Cardboard would work, also. I found the center of the plastic and measured out from there. I just needed to make sure the corners were perfectly square. It was very easy to make and even easier to use!!
      This quilt is well worth the effort! Go for it!

    • Thanks! I found a piece of thin plastic that was left over from a sign. I just had to make sure the opening was perfectly square. I found the center of the square and measured out from there. It was very easy and very useful!

  3. I never would have thought of your “window” trick for trimming the blocks. Your blocks look very good sewn together. Such a lot of stitching work but well worth it.

  4. Hi Kerry, just found your blog – thanks for sharing your experiences! What is the blue template made from?? I had some difficulty figuring it out, at first I thought it might be some type of corrugated plastic…. Edie

  5. Trimming my appliqué blocks is always the scariest part for me…don’t want to make a mistake after all the work I have put into it. What I love about your template is that it included the seam allowance, very smart idea.

  6. Every time I read your blog I learn something new! I’m always worried about trimming the completed block but your window template is genius and I will definitely be using that idea when I have to trim my blocks.

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