Oh…to be organized! Take 2!

Just like  my scissors, my last post seemed to disappear into thin air!!  Here it is again…

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am far from organized.  (organized: functioning within a formal structure, as in the coordination and direction of activities).  Being organized does not come easy for me.  (I would like to think that is a sign of a highly creative mind!)

Take, for instance, my Dilemna-of-the-Week.   My beloved Gingher embroidery scissors went missing.  They seemed to have vanished into thin air.  I checked all the obvious  places, but they were gone!  I asked my family members if they had seen my scissors.  Picture lots of eye rolling.  No one had seen my scissors and no one seemed concerned that my stuff was disappearing into thin air!

Then I remembered gathering up a load of fabrics and throwing them into the washer to be pre-washed.  I must have gathered up my scissors also, because that is indeed where they were found!

prewash 1 (3)

So when I start a block that has many, many pieces in it,  like this one,  this  is what I do to stay organized…

When I cut out my pattern, I keep it in sections, like bunches of leaves or whole flowers.   I prep one section at a time.

cut out 1

cut out 2

Next, I place a  copy of the pattern on my plywood-styrofoam thingy.  It is actually a sub-floor that I bought at Home Depot for $5.85.  It is particle board on one side and styrofoam on the other side.  It measures 24 inches square.

board 1

board 2

Once my pieces are prepped…

prep 1

…I pin them in place.

prep 2

Now I know exactly where they are!  How is that or being organized?

Til next time….



6 thoughts on “Oh…to be organized! Take 2!

  1. Great method! Live all the colors in the machine, this is going to be another great block. I love watching them develope as you post your progress.

  2. Did your scissors go through the wash cycle? The first place I would look for my scissors would be beside the cushion in the chair I sit in to stitch. Never would think of the washing machine.

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