Voo-doo dolls and other interesting tid-bits…

Now that I have the majority of the pieces prepped and pinned to a piece of styrofoam sub-floor, I am ready to start building my block on the background.  As you can see I used a lot of pins to hold my pieces in place.


Each time I stuck a pin into the styrofoam, I thought about voo-doo dolls.


(Sometimes its really hard to stay focused!)   According to wikipedia, the most popular stereotype of using a voo-doo doll involves sticking pins into it.  But did you know that there are different emotions and feelings attached to the color of pins that can be used?  I did a bit more research and found out that yellow pins means  money and blue pins mean love!  Check out the color of my pins!

OK…where was I?

I made another copy of the pattern and taped it to the light box.  Then, I placed a background square on the pattern and put a few (yellow!)  pins in it.  Next, I took a water-soluble marker and traced the seam lines on the background.

seam lines traced

This block has lots of pieces so I won’t be gluing all the pieces in place before I start to stitch.  I like to glue a few pieces in place, stitch them, and then glue a few more pieces in place.  So, I will be unpinning  the background square from the pattern, stitching, and then I will be placing it on the pattern again.  I use the traced seam lines as a guide to make sure everything is lined up properly.

It can be a little confusing trying to figure out which pieces go where.  First I start with the stems.


Then I add a few pieces.  I usually start at the outer edge and work inwards.

stems and flowers

stems and flowers 2

So far…so good!

Til next time…



18 thoughts on “Voo-doo dolls and other interesting tid-bits…

  1. Just found (and now follow) your blog, what in inspiration you are. Had to go back and read every single post from the beginning. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hi I love reading your blog, I do needleturn applique and just love it, what do you use to prepare you appliques? cardboard, freezer I know there is plastic that is heat resistant??

  3. Kerry, the outer pieces make it look like a heart in the photo.
    Thank you for sharing so freely. Your work continues to inspire. 🙂

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