Inspiration….gotta love it!!

Last Sunday, my Sunday Afternoon Applique Group met to chat, stitch and eat. The best part about getting together with other appliquers is that we feed off each others creativity and, best of all, we inspire each other.  This month we were super- inspired by Lynne.  Lynne started “Flower Garden” by Kim McLean last September and brought it this month for Show and Tell.  Awesome!

lynne quilt

Since my sewing machine was out (and I had already taken over the dining room table!) I thought it would be a good idea to do a few more blocks of Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice.  This block of the week is a great stash-buster!  I am starting to think about which settings I will use to put the blocks together.  So many choices!  Even if you aren’t making the blocks, I recommend reading the stories that accompany each block.  You will realize how far we have come, baby!

This block is called Nonsense.


This is called Endless Stairs.


This is called Art Square.


And, this is called Nameless Star.


Moving right along, I started to work on the next block of Civil War Bride.  This block has the peacock in it and I wanted it to stand out in a very regal way!  I went searching in my stash and just couldn’t find anything that said “peacock” to me.  I went searching in my friends’ stash and this is what I found!  Oh…the possibilities!


First I started with the body.


Then I added the tail section.


And now comes the fun part!  I love fabrics that beg to be fussy cut!  I thought these medallions would make awesome feather details.


I used Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley to make the circles.  You can read more about Perfect Circles here.


So I stitched on a few circles and liked the effect…


…so I  added some more!


Next, I added some legs and a place for the peacock to stand!


Til next time…



14 thoughts on “Inspiration….gotta love it!!

  1. I am a big fan of yours and appreciate you spreading inspiration through your blog! Nice to see your Grandmothers Choice blocks and of course, I’ll be watching to see how you set them. I was a test sewer of the blocks, and now that my 2 tops are finished I have taken a huge leap to make a CWB quilt. I’m stitching on Block 1 and loving it! Thank you for all your lessons and inspiration!

  2. Nice quilt your friend has made! We have a large group of quilters here in .des Moines who love Kim’s patterns. There are several in progress now and it’s always fun to see them come along. Love your little peacock…perfect fabrics!

  3. Lynn is quite the stitcher, 8 months to do that? I would be inspired too. The peacock is turning out quite regal indeed, the medallions are so perfect.

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