My Kind of Garden!

It is raining today so I am doing a little indoor gardening.  Watch how my roses bloom!

First I added the stem, the tiny green leaves and an outer rose petal…


Next came the inner  petals…




..and here are the outer petals….



…and finally, a couple of roses in full bloom!


When it comes to blocks that have lots of leaves and vines, I really struggle with greens.  There are so many different greens…there are lush greens, there are yellow greens, there are blue greens and there are a lot of “muddy” greens, that, to the untrained eye (!), might be mistaken as gray.  I like my greens to be “green”.   I like all of my greens to “go together”.  But, that can be a little boring.  So, I did a little research.  (Actually, I just went in the backyard.)  And here are my findings.  Mother Nature doesn’t seem to really care which greens “go together”.  So if it’s good enough for Mother Nature, it’s good enough for me!


Here are some leaves that aren’t even green!  Who knew??


Finally, the other ostrich.  When I look at these ostriches, I get the feeling that they are stepping out for a night on the town!


Til next time,



14 thoughts on “My Kind of Garden!

  1. Oh, Mother Nature cares – she’s just plans better than we humans. She tells us about the plant with the different colors for young leaves, working leaves (those making food), and old leaves. She even tells you where they are growing by the color of the leaves – amazing. Thanks for showing us the process of your rose!

  2. Hi Kerry, I was so happy to find your new post today. Your roses are lovely, and the background fabric matches that of the block in the header. So, I’m guessing those roses are part of another block that’s part of the quilt you’re designing. Yay! (BIG GRIN) The anticipation of seeing the whole quilt makes me feel like a kid at Christmas time. I also loved what you had to say about greens. I too have taken time to look around at nature, and it is amazing to see the variety of greens the Mother Nature creates and puts together. I also think it’s fun to notice the way the greens change from early spring through late summer. I especially like the vibrant, almost acid green of the new foliage in early spring. I hand dye my own fabric and I always figure that I can never make too many different shades of green. Well, I’ve rattled on long enough. Thank you for sharing another bit of “that” quilt. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see more. Best Regards and Happy Stitching! Jay (Flamingo Guy Quilter)

  3. Love the layers in your roses. Gorgeous! I know what you mean about the green. Nature does not meekly blend and match up properly does it?

  4. I’ve never quilted before but you are really peaking my desire to get started. I’m outside looking at my garden now and wondering what fabrics I have inside. I would never have connected the two!! Thank you Kerry. Such a wonderful blog 🙂

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