An Epiphany!

I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly I am quilting the borders of “Bouquet For A New Day”.  The bottom border is finished and I have now marked the side borders.  As I was marking the borders, my mind wandered and I had an epiphany!  ( a sudden realization–a flash of recognition in which someone or something is seen in a new light).

I thought…it is all well and good that the borders match up in the center of the border.  But…wouldn’t it be interesting to put a design or something at the center and have the borders flow out from the design?? I thought it would be fun to incorporate 2013 in the top border (the year this quilt better be finished!)  So here is what I did…

First, I found a font in Illustrator that suited the quilt.  Then I drew an oval around it and printed it out.  The borders are only 5″ wide so the design could only be around 4″ tall.  Next, I drew some  lines on the pattern to help center it on the border fabric.

1 (2)

I put the quilt on my light box and placed the pattern just under the top layer.  I used the lines on the pattern to make sure everything was nicely centered.


Next, I drew the lines with a Frixion marker.


Then, using the stencil I continued drawing the border, until I reached the oval.


I flipped the stencil over and continued on my merry way.  Easy peasy!


In the meantime, I have been working away on the next Civil War Bride block.  This block consists of a lot of layering.  For instance…first the leaves, then the stem and then the feet!


This is the block so far!


Til next time….



14 thoughts on “An Epiphany!

  1. Keri – I work at a museum with almost 150 antique quilts. Often, we find a date or the quilter’s name hidden in the quilting stitches. It is such a treat to find that information. What a great idea to try it. Can’t wait to see it completed.~ Susan

  2. Wonderful! I like to put dates on my quilts, wheat her it be in quilting or appliqué. It helps me remember when they were made without much thought!

  3. Putting the year on is a great idea. Wonderful font too. What batting do you use? In your July 30th post, when you showed the whole quilt, it looks like there are two layers of batting.

    • I am using a pure wool batt in this quilt. It absolutely heavenly to quilt through and I fear I am hooked on wool batting! I am only using one layer of batting. Wool has a lot of loft, so it looks rather poofy!

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