A Challenge…or is it?

As I was getting ready to start the next (and last!!) block of Civil War Bride, I noticed the horse shapes looked a little challenging.  If I were to cut in between the horse’s legs, there would not be much of a seam allowance.

horse 1

Don’t get me wrong, I am always up for a challenge!  But it just takes a few simple steps to turn a challenging shape into something very do-able.  So here is what I did…

First, I added a few lines.

horse 2

So, now I have 3 very simple shapes!

horse 3

I prepped the legs and glued them in place…

horse 4

I started to prep the body, but I thought the ears looked a little dicey.  So I drew a line…

horse 6

…..and I made another simple shape.

horse 8

I glued the ear in place…

horse 9

And, finally…a very easy to stitch horse!  And I didn’t even break a sweat!

horse 11

With this cooler than normal weather, I am able to hand-quilt most nights.  The borders are coming along very nicely.  I am finished the bottom border and I have passed the half-way mark of the side border.



Finally, here is the last completed block of Civil War Bride!


Til next time….



20 thoughts on “A Challenge…or is it?

  1. OH! MY! GOODNESS! You are such a clever girl!!! This is BRILLIANT!! Now your horse has a great dimensional look and you didn’t even have to ‘sweat’ for it!!

    I am MOST impressed!!!

  2. Such a good idea! I will be sure to remember that when I come to a dicey area–make an extra line! Love how the hand quilting is coming along too. It looks FABulous.:)

  3. That is clever thinking, wish I had thought of that when I did a couple of applique horses a few months ago, it also gives the horse shape a bit more dimension as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing this – I don’t always think of doing this but it sure makes the stitching a lot easier. Your bird block turned out very nice indeed!

  5. Kerry, what a great idea. I will have to remember your solution when I get to the horses in my blocks. I will also try to use it on those little bird feet!! Love your eagles block… those little talons were a challenge too!!!! Great job!

  6. You are just so clever. I think the horse has more dimension made your way and I hate trying to turn those places with such a small seam allowance.

  7. Another great idea. I don’t think I would never have thought of that but will definitely remember it for future challenging bits and pieces.

  8. I just came across your site. I LOVE applique. I am just a beginner at applique and quilting, but love it. I have saved your blog to my favorites and will definitely be checking it out more. I love your choice of color, and orientation/direction of prints, and your fussy cut butterflies in a previous post! Your stitching is beautiful, so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  9. Kerry, great idea for the horse’s legs. I’ll have to remember it for when I finally get to work on my CWB quilt.

    Your quilting on “Stars for a New Day” makes it sing!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I have been appliqueing for a long time and never even thought about doing it this way. It will be so much easier. Love to read your blog. You are so clever.

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