A Sharply Dressed Elephant!

Once I finished both of the horses (and a nice little trough) I was ready to start the elephant.  I searched through my stash for some gray fabric.  I didn’t want just any gray fabric, I wanted something an elephant would be proud of!  Sadly, the only gray fabric I own is a tone-on-tone that just says “blah”.  So, I went shopping.  And this is what I found!  I am not exactly sure if it is even gray…maybe more of a brownish-gray-taupe kind of colour.  The moment I laid eyes on it, though, I knew it’s destiny!


So…I did the same thing with the elephant legs that I did with the horses legs.  I cut the templates into easier to manage pieces.

elephant legs

Next, I prepped the legs, tail and tusks.

elephant legs 2

Then came the trunk.

elephant 3

And the body.

elephant 4

And an ear!

elephant 5

The whole time I was working on all the body parts, I was wondering what fabric I should use for the blanket on his back.  This is what I chose!  Spiffy!

elephant 6

Til next time…


P.S.  I just noticed in the photo that the elephant appears to be walking on water!  I may have to rethink that!


11 thoughts on “A Sharply Dressed Elephant!

  1. Your elephant is gorgeous. You could add fringe to the ends of the blue and make it look like a rug. Love seeing your choices to make the construction perfection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your Elephant is very sharp !! I just love how you use your fabrics and make it come alive !! I look forward to your post. They are very encouraging for people who don’t have alot of confidence. You teach me something every time I read your post.
    Thank you so much.

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