Dishes Fit For A Quilter!

For a while now I have been shopping for a new set of dishes.  I only had one thing in mind…I wanted a white set of dishes.  So whenever I would go shopping, I would always keep my eyes open for a white set of dishes.  Well!  There are a lot of white dishes out there! Nothing really caught my eye….until last week.  Look what I found!  Spiffy!


So, as my family pointed out, not only do we have quilts all around the house, and quilting fabric all over the house, and quilting stuff in almost every room, now we are eating off of quilting dishes!!  Life is good!

I just turned the last corner on Sue Garman’s “Bouquets For a New Day”.  Just one last border to go and I will be finished!


Not sure where Bruin is going to sleep, but he will have to find a new spot!


This block from “Friends of Baltimore” is no more time-consuming that any of the other blocks in the quilt…I am just dragging this one out a little longer that usual!DSCN4370

Til next time…



5 thoughts on “Dishes Fit For A Quilter!

  1. What beautiful dishes!!! Enjoy them. Isn’t it great when you find the perfect thing to fill an order?? Bruin looks like a perfect candidate for the Pets On Quilts competition next year!

  2. I have read that food looks better on white dishes but I have never been content to buy white ones. When you look at pretty photographs of food, they are almost always on white. Good choice.

  3. You are making amazing progress on your quilt! Great new dishes too. I think it’s a wonderful idea to surround ourselves with quilty vibes.:)

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