All that fuss!

Of course I was procrastinating!  Three of the four ferns were prepped and stitched in place. I even distracted myself long enough to make some berries.  I knew what I had to do….make another fern!

needs another fern

For those of you who wondered,  I do remove the freezer paper before it is stitched in place!

freezer paper

So once the last fern was done, everything quickly fell into place!  Some pretty red flowers…

4 ferns

…and a really spiffy vase!

no berries (1)

Next. more berries.  Lots of berries!


And,  finally….. another completed block!  Makes me wonder what all the fuss was about!!


Til next time….



19 thoughts on “All that fuss!

  1. You are amazing! I have tried prepping tight curves like that and it is hard! Your work is stunning and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks! On the inside of the curves, it is probably 1/8 inch. But I used 1/4 inch around the outer part of each leaf. I have sstarted to use Fray-Check around those really tiny seam allowances, and that seems to work just fine!

  2. That is a beautiful block and the ferns turned out perfectly but those narrow spaces between the ferns are daunting. How do you manage to keep it all so neat?

    • Hate to say it…practice, practice, practice! Those tiny spaces are indeed daunting. Making up my mind to tackle it was the hard part. Once I actually sat and did the ferns, they didn’t seem so difficult. I will admit, they did take a bit of time, and I am really glad there were only four!

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