Finally! Something in my hoop!

I casually mentioned to my husband that I would be on my hands and knees later that evening and he was free to join me!  He could even take photos!  Finally….I had his attention.  He asked me what I had in mind.  I told him I needed help basting my quilt together, of course!

First, we pinned the backing to the carpet.  I use large safety pins and pin directly into the under padding.  In a couple of weeks, we will be replacing the carpets with hardwood floor.  Not sure where I will be basting my quilts, but I will figure that out when the time comes!  I make sure the backing is smooth and fairly taut and free of cat hair!


Next, I lay the batting on the backing and smooth any wrinkles there may be.  I am using wool batting for this quilt.  If you haven’t tried wool batting yet, what are you waiting for?  It needles like a dream!


Then, I put the quilt top on the batting and, starting at the very center, I smooth it out nice and flat. The top is already marked!   I spent the last couple of evenings marking the quilt top with feathered wreaths and 3/4″ cross-hatching.  I didn’t mark the outer borders because I am not sure what I want to do, yet.  I have time to think about it!


Now comes the fun part.   I start at the centre and baste the three layers together.  The trick is not to stitch into the carpet, and to actually stitch all the layers!  I use an embroidery needle with a large eye and cotton thread.  I baste in a grid, with my basting stitches going both horizontal and vertical.


I like to keep my lines of basting about 4″-5″ apart.



The best part…..something to stitch!


Til next time…



12 thoughts on “Finally! Something in my hoop!

  1. I like basting better on our laminate floors because it’s easier to baste (needle/thread or pins) without incorporating the carpet into the quilt sandwich, and also to get all the layers. You just have to get some wide masking tape and tape the backing to the floor instead of pin it.

  2. Hi Kerry! Take a look at a video on YouTube- its by Sharon Schamber on “Hand basting a Quilt Parts 1 and 2” Sharon has a unique way of basting a quilt on a table without hurting your back on the floor. I have done lap sized ones and large Queen ones using this method and I recommend it highly! Love your blog- I also love applique with a passion- in fact you have inspired me to do the Civil War Bride Quilt!
    Thanks, Judy C.

  3. Another beautiful quilt and you are ruining your knees and back on the floor. Not my quote, but a pro’s advise years ago.

    Also, how about dragging out one of your rotary cutter mats and running it under the quilt to make it easier to run your stiches of basting. Think it would work.

    Thanks for sharing the completed tulip top.

  4. This post made me laugh out loud (and before coffee, too!). Now I know how to get my husband to help me baste ;). Your quilt is gorgeous, and your quilting stitches are envy-worthy.

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