Again with the moping!

I am getting ready to start the final borders of my Civil War Bride Quilt and it hit me…I am almost finished!  That is very exciting, but, again, a little sad.  But I remind myself that I have so many more quilts on my “To-Do List”.  The more quilts I have in the works, the happier I am!  So the borders are all marked and ready to go.  I put everything out on the floor just to make sure that I wouldn’t have any unfortunate surprises when the time came to stitch the borders on.  Everything is going to line up!




Our local shops had a “Shop-Hop” a couple of weeks ago and my “quilting partner-in-crime” and I went.  So exciting to see 6 completely different quilt shops!  Of course, I found something in each shop that I just could not live without!  Even though I already had backing at home for “Circle of Tulips”, I found not one, but two backings that I thought I might like better.  After auditioning all three, I chose the one I already had!


I love everything I bought, but I found this very intriguing.  I have had so much fun playing.


Here it is a nutshell…Triangulations by Brenda Henning is a CD.  You insert it into your computer,and the next thing you know, you are a Triangle Expert!  First of all, I love when I don’t have to think!  Just choose the finished size of the triangle you want to make.  I chose to make some 2 1/2″ triangles.  So I printed a few sheets just to try it out.  Put two fabrics together, pin one of the patterns on, stitch on the dotted line…DSCN4627


…and cut on the solid line.



Trim off the dog-ears…..


Remove the paper, press……..then, bippity, boppity, boo….you have half-square triangles that require no squaring up!

I see some pieced quilts in the very near future!!


And finally, I am enjoying having something to hand-quilt again!


Til next time….



6 thoughts on “Again with the moping!

  1. I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed the postings of your Civil War Bride quilt and I too, will be sorry that you are coming to an end :o) This quilt is on my “To Do” list and I hope to begin it sometime next year….fingers crossed! I have really loved your fabric choices and especially, your posts that show how you have appliquéd a difficult piece! I’m sure I will be referring back to your older blog posts in the future. I do have one question though – could you tell me the fabric name that you used for the background. I’ve only seen this quilt made in a darker muslin color and I really prefer the lighter fabric choice that you made. Thanks for any help/suggestion you can give me. Your quilt is truly going to be a Masterpiece – just so beautiful!!!

  2. Isn’t it funny how much you want to get to the end of the quilt and then when you are ‘almost’ there, you suddenly don’t want to let go! It’s because of the amount of work and time we’ve lavished on the quilt probably! Love how your quilt is coming together!

  3. Your quilting is just beautiful. Will you do some videos for that as well? Do you have to pre-wash he wool batting?
    I don’t love piecing triangles, so I may have to give that cd a try!

  4. whenever I see your work I thank finding it. Her finished are of master,thanks for always show all the information we have for people who like this kind of work allows us to learn from a teacher like you.

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