Life Is Good!

My Hubby and I are going on a little holiday.  We are leaving for Florida on Thursday, and, of course, I am busy packing!  But, I am even busier prepping the final borders of my Civil War Bride quilt.  I like to take my stitching with me wherever I go.  Heaven forbid I be on vacation with nothing to do!

So here is the bottom border.




Next I started on the top (and final!) border.  First I glued all the bias stems in place.


Then I glued all the leaves in place.  My bias strips were not long enough to do the whole vine, so I overlapped them and  placed a leaf on top to hide  the join.


Next I added the flowers, flower centers and a couple of love birds.

whole border

I wasn’t really happy with the leaves that covered the joins of the bias strips.  I thought it looked like I was trying to cover something up…..hmmm….I was trying to cover something up!  So I decided to add a couple of butterflies instead!  Now I am ready for a vacation!

butterfly on join

second butterfly

Believe it or not, I think I might just be getting the hang of hand-quilting on a frame.  I no longer want to pick the frame up and heave it across the room!  Life is good!

hand quilting

Til next time….



15 thoughts on “Life Is Good!

  1. I love looking at your posts! Your color choices are amazing. And I cannot believe how much you get done. I thought it was interesting how you progress across the quilt in the frame as you quilt. I usually do all the major seams first. Maybe I should rethink….

  2. I saw
    Marshall’s beautiful quilting and decided if she can quilt without a hoop
    Or frame so can I! And it works, perfectly. That is the only way I quilt now and I take awards for hand quilting. It is so liberating. Baste about
    Every 4or 5 inches and you are all set and it can go everywhere with you. Happy Florida

  3. Your borders are lovely! They will be fun to stitch on vacation. Your hand quilting is beautiful! I think it’s awesome you’ve learned to quilt in a frame – I’ve never tried it. Safe travels!

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