Hey It’s Good To Be Back Home Again!

Vacations are wonderful!  Coming back home is wonderful, too.  Don’t get me wrong…we had an amazing time in Florida.  We swam, we lounged by the pool, we walked and we ate (boy did we eat!)  Of course, the best part was the hot weather.  When we left Barrie on Thursday the 24th, it was snowing!  Fast forward a couple of hours and we were basking in the sunshine!  I stitched when I could and managed to finish the bottom border of my Civil War Bride Quilt.



As soon as I came home, I washed my border in the bathroom sink.  Then, I placed the wet border on a couple of towels to dry.  I turned my back for a split second and saw that Jenny was making herself very comfortable.



Of course, Bruin had to get in on the action!



And now…on to the last border!


Til next time…



11 thoughts on “Hey It’s Good To Be Back Home Again!

  1. Keri, I have been following your blog several months now. I, too, love doing hand appliqué, but I’m not as prolific as you! Your work is beautiful. I have two questions about the Civil War Bride Quilt. One, Did you use the Threadbare pattern or the Boundiful Life and why did you choose one over the other? Two, when you finish one side of a border why do you put it in hot water? Thanks so much for sharing your work with us. I’ve been wanting to do the CWBQ for awhile and that will be my project for 2014. I’m working to get some UFOs done and THE quilt is quite an incentive!!!

  2. I like the bag that you used to store your sewing supplies in when you were in Florida. May we know what it is? I would love to order one.

  3. Oh those bitter sweet days of being almost finished. I am rounding the corner of finishing Pandamonium from Australia and I would be in a dither if I did not know the brides quilt was waiting in the wings. I was in Houston for the show this weekend and found a new thimble. Joy of joys! Actually it is almost an identical replacement of one I have loved for years and just put the first hole in recently. My joys are small but many. I love antique thimbles compared to what we find nowadays.
    Glad you are home, I am glad to be home too. Gale in south Michigan

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