OK…where was I?

Now that I have finished Civil War Bride, I have some spare time on my hands.  What will I do?  Will I work on finishing some neglected UFO’s or start something totally brand new?  Well…since I like to work on a number of projects at once, the answer is…both!  I am going to work on finishing up Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” and I am going to start Sue Garman’s “Ladies of the Sea” tomorrow.  I have been wanting to start this quilt for a while now.  I showed the pattern to my son a couple of years ago and told him I would like to make it for him.  He said “Sweet”.  A couple of months ago, he actually asked me if I had started it yet.  I said I hadn’t.  Last week he asked me again if I had started it and I told him I was getting ready organizing my fabrics and I would start it soon.  He said  “Sweet.  Make sure you make it long enough to cover me”.
(He is 6′ 5″.)  I was torn between mortified and ecstatic.  Mortified because he wants to use the quilt.  Ecstatic because he wants to use the quilt!

I try to keep all of my unfinished projects organized in clear containers.  That way, when I am ready to pick up where I left off, I know exactly where everything is.  How is that for organized? This is “Friends of Baltimore”.  I have just 2 blocks left, then I can start the borders.  (Have you seen the borders? Yikes!)


So, the fern block is finished, but still needed a bath.  You can read more about “Washing My Blocks”   here.


While that block was soaking, I started the next block, the fruit bowl.  First, I traced the pattern on to my background with a Clover water soluble marker.  I used my light box to do all of my tracing.


I started with the base of the bowl.  All I can think about is how nice it would be to go whale watching right about now!



Next, I added some circles.



Now I was ready to add some leaves.  I have been thinking about leaves lately.  Probably because we have been raking them up before the snow falls.  Leaves come in more colours than just shades of green.


I have been keeping my eyes open for some really different leaf fabrics to add to my stash of applique fabrics.  Check these out!  I especially like the second one from the left and decided to use that one in this block.


Here it is….DSCN4848


Til next time…



25 thoughts on “OK…where was I?

  1. Did you say 6’5?? Thats going to be a nice, long quilt if his toes are going to be covered! 🙂 I Like the way you stay organized by keeping things together… Thats so helpful. Like you, I enjoy working on more than one project at a time so it’s a great way to save time. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this new project. Your work is amazing

  2. You will love working on the Ladies of the Sea pattern. I finished that last year and loved every minute of it! Such a beautiful design from Sue Garman!

  3. Okay, so you want to go whale watching Kerry – then come to New Zealand. We have world famous whale watching spots out from Kaikoura (ky-koo-ruh) in the South Island.

    Loving your blog as a fellow hand appliquer! Thanks for updating so regularly.

  4. Kerry, As always your posts are so inspirational. I need to make time away from work so that I can spend more time with my stitching. (grin) Any news / update regarding that wonderful quilt that you’re designing? The block in your header keeps teasing me. I so badly want to have the pattern to work on. Happy Stitching! Jay

  5. I know just what you mean, Kerry. I saw the original Ladies and thought it should go in a museum! But you’re right quilts are made to be used. I really love your how-to-posts. They are amazing and also inspiring to at least try also. Thanks for sharing!

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