Strawberries…who knew?!

Thanks, Gale, for the heads up!!  Gale very kindly let me know that what I believed to be tomatoes are actually strawberries.  Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I saw tomatoes in a fruit basket!  Onward and upward!   I prepped the watermelon (pretty sure I nailed that one!)  and the pineapple.

watermelon 1

Next, I added a few pears and an apple.

pears and apples 2

Then, I filled in a few leaves.

fill in leaves 3

Let me show you how I tackled those two-tone leaves.  I love them because they are very effective!  First, take a look at the pieces and determine which is the “bottom” piece and which is the “top” piece of the leaf.  This photo is the “bottom” piece and it will be placed on the background first.  Notice that the center is not prepped and how I angled the ends in toward the leaf.

leaf 1

The “top” piece is prepped all the way around the template.

leaf 2

So, now I place the “bottom”  leaf on the background…

leaf 3

…and then the top.

leaf 4

This next area was particularly dicey, because there is so much green going on.  I had to make sure that I used a variety of lights, mediums and darks, so that they did not all blend in together.


Next up!  Some skinny stems…


…and some juicy strawberries.  Spiffy!


Til next time….



7 thoughts on “Strawberries…who knew?!

  1. It’s wonderful! Makes me more aware of placing lights and darks when there’s so much design in the block. And I say if you want tomatoes in your fruit bowl, have tomatoes! Seems like I remember tomatoes technically are a fruit.

  2. What a beautiful block…your fabric choices are perfect! Your tomato/strawberry story reminds me of the confusion on block #1 of the CWB. Remember the urn block with the two things that were either birds or leaves? I played that one as weird leaves…what did you do?? Teresa :o)

    • Well! I am glad I am not the only one that mistook those birds for leaves. I really did think they were leaves, until I saw someone else’s block and saw that they are indeed birds. I also thought the same shaped bird (in the block with the two birds with multi-coloured tails) was actually a veil, and wondered why a bird would be wearing a veil! Honestly….

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