Cutting and Pasting

I am trying something a little different.  My daughter, who I am making “Friends of Baltimore” for, has decided that she really didn’t want another cornucopia block in the quilt.  She thought maybe something with an anchor would be nice.  So I started looking through all of my Baltimore books and found a block which appears more than once in different quilts.  The only problem is, I want it to have the same feel and look as all the other blocks.   I did a bit of searching for clip-art type drawings of birds and anchors.  I wanted the floral wreath to have the same flowers and leaves as the other blocks, so I “stole” the wreath from the block with the ship and the lyre and did my own form of cutting and pasting.


Next, I coloured it.  It was like being back in kindergarten!  This is a rough draught.  I will probably add more flowers and petals to fill the wreath out a bit.


I really had intended to have some of the fabrics prepped and ready to show, however, I must confess I have become addicted to Downton Abbey.  I have the DVD set of the first three seasons and I am spending way too much time glued to the TV, with nothing in my hands (except a bowl of popcorn!)  I mean, I cannot take my eyes off the screen, in case I miss something.  I have even asked my family to start addressing me as “M’Lady”, but it hasn’t caught on yet!

Til next time….



8 thoughts on “Cutting and Pasting

  1. We have even more in common than I thought! (You are just a much more skilled “appliquer!”) I love “Downton Abbey”. This is a beautiful block-to-be.

  2. Yes, I found that to be a real problem with Downton Abbey as well – lol! And there’s not very much on TV that I can’t stitch to :0) I think your anchor block looks wonderful so far.

  3. The trick is to watch Downton Abbey enough times that you can sneak in some sewing while mostly listening to the show. 🙂 I have the DVDs and play it often when stitching. It helps one work on the accent. Your new block looks beautiful.

  4. Too funny about your new addiction! Love that you’re making a special block for this quilt. It will probably end up being your favorite in the end.:)

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