Let’s Celebrate!!

I love it when a plan comes together!  In my last post I explained how I was trying really hard to stay organized, which is actually very difficult for me.  But my plan is working better than I hoped it would and I want to share it with you!

As I prep each piece, I glue it onto a copy of the paper pattern.


I started out pinning each piece in place but soon realized I was going to run out of pins, and, more importantly, the pattern was pinned to the ironing board and I couldn’t move it.  So I started to use a glue stick and, now, life is good!  I can now move the pattern!

So, once I have enough pieces prepped to complete a section, I am ready to transfer the pieces to the background.  In reality, I could wait until the whole entire border is prepped before glueing the pieces onto the background, but I can’t wait that long!

So, I unstick the pattern piece from the pattern.  This is the point that I remove the freezer paper template.  By leaving in it, I can identify it (each piece has its own number…sort of like a paint by number picture).  The other reason I leave it in is just to keep it stable.


I add a few dots of glue…


….and then pop it in place.  Then I added a few more leaves and a bias stem….


…and a few more leaves and another bias stem…and Voila!  Easy peasy!


This pattern piece scares me.  There is very little seam allowance in between the leaf and the stem.


Let me show you how I really feel.  scared-lady

So this is what I do.  I take my magic wand and…oh… I am pulling your leg!  I take my pencil and just draw a simple line.


Now I can cut out the templates. And now I have two very manageable shapes to prep.  I did the same thing with a horse’s  leg.  Check it out here.




Now I am very happy and I want to tell everyone how easy it is!

image of woaman on phone

And then celebrate!!


Til next time…..



23 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!!

  1. As always love your process sharing posts. I’ve done that trick before of making two pieces. Great about the gluing to the pattern – good idea. Thanks so much – it already looks so lovely.

  2. You have such good ideas! I especially like what you do with the stem and leaf and the horse’s leg!
    The border idea is also super clever. I enjoy watching your progress on projects. You are an inspiration.

  3. I recently did the same thing with the glues stick on my pattern, just a quick dab. Love the tip about separating the leaf and stem.

  4. Wonderful blog. You also used that method in the trousers of the groom. See, I pay very close attention to your great tips anxious to get back to applique, but too busy hand quilting Dear Jane for a show February 25. Gale in so Fla

  5. Just saw a Link to your site from the FB group ( JustTake 2 : Brenda posted the link ) and I always feel like that screaming lady, lol! I have so far to go but something tells me your site is going to be a big help, though I cannot do anything complex yet . Bookmarking you ! 🙂

  6. Kerry, this is a great tip. I’ve used several different approaches to prepping applique pieces (depending on the pattern’s complexity), but never thought to try this. I’m doing the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt (http://www.justtakes2.com/) QAL and will try this with the February block.

    Thanks for sharing!

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