A Bit of This and That!

It snowed all day.  Literally, all day.  Which meant I wasn’t going anywhere, except to my sewing room.  I decided to put a pot of chili on and play “catch-up” on a few on-going quilt projects.  First, I started making the sashing for Owen’s quilt.  By stitching 4 simple half-square triangles to the corners of each sashing and adding some cornerstones…


…..this is what you get!  Magical!


I must confess, I did not calculate for the half-square triangles for the red stars to continue out into the border.  Oops.  I’ll figure that out tomorrow.


So, I put Owen’s quilt away and dug out Annabelle.  I finished stitching the leaves and the hexies, so, it was time for a bubble bath (for Annabelle, not for me!)


While Annabelle was soaking, I decided to go through my fabrics to find a suitable fabric for the 4″ border. To keep myself organized, I am keeping all of the fabrics for Annabelle in a plastic tote (complete with lid) to keep Bruin out.  That plan will only work if I remember to place the lid on the tote!


Anyway, I auditioned a few fabrics, but nothing caught my eye.  That is, until I saw the fabric I used for the vase.  Hmmmm…


I thought that the stripes  would make a nifty border.  And the best part?  They were exactly the right size…4 1/2″ wide!  I think the Quilt Gods are trying to tell me something.  Maybe I should listen!


After I did some serious measuring, I realized I only had 3 stripes long enough  for the borders (28 1/2″).  The fourth stripe was too short….but that wasn’t going to stop me!


I had a few smaller chunks of the stripe left over, so I thought I would try piecing it.  First, I ironed the edge over on the left over piece, about 1/2″ or so.


Next, I placed it on the section that was too short and lined it up as best I could.


I carefully folded it over, (so now the two border pieces are right sides together)  pinned it in place, held my breath and stitched on the folded line.


I exhaled.  Then, I checked to make sure it matched (it did!).  I trimmed the seam allowance to 1/4″ away from the stitched line.  Finally, I trimmed the border to 28 1/2″.


Once that drama was over, I stitched all four borders on and added some cornerstones!  Dandy!



Til next time…



20 thoughts on “A Bit of This and That!

  1. Wow you sure did accomplish a lot with the winter weather. My day was not quite so productive. Really like your Annabelle. May I suggest a thin blue border strip with the star points at the crucial points added to what you already have….its lovely. Amities.

  2. The perfect border – well done with the little bit of ‘patchwork’ there! It looks beautiful around the vase. Love the sashing on Owen’s quilt too – a great blue. What a fun day you must have had and so snug with the snow outside!

  3. Wow! Annabelle is looking wonderful with the new borders! So fun to see the progress. The sashing on Owens quilt is great too. Can’t hardly go wrong with stars.:)

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