Welcome to my bathroom…

Whenever I mention that I wash my finished applique blocks, I get emails with lots of really good questions.  So I decided to do a video showing the entire process.  You can see it here. Once you watch the video, the title of this post will make sense.  Trust me.

If you haven’t seen my website, check it out.  All of the tools and notions I use are available on my website.  I also offer a free pattern called “Peggy’s Puzzle”.  It is a 4-block wallhanging (or tabletopper), complete with a dainty border and was designed as a “skillbuilder” exclusively for Simple Bird Studio by MT Designs.  We have just uploaded the third block.  There are also accompanying how-to videos.

I have been hand-quilting every night on Circle of Tulips (also a free pattern on my website!).  One or two more evening and I will have all of the blocks completed and ready to move onto the borders.


Yesterday, I went shopping for the backing for Owen’s quilt.  I had a few ideas of what I was looking for…something boyish, but not baby-ish, something masculine, but not too manly…oh….and it had to be in the same colour-family as the front of the quilt.  Well!  Look what I found!!  Is it wrong to fall in love with a fabric at first sight?  Well…I did!


Like many quilters, I am trying to bust my stash.  And, as you can see, I used 3 different reds in the stars, which used up every bit of that lovely (but hard to match) brick red that I own.  So when I was shopping for the backing, I chose a few reds that I thought would match the yet-to-be-completed stars for the border.  This one is the winner!   Long story short, I added more brick red to my stash than I used in the quilt.  So much for stash busting!


Til next time….



16 thoughts on “Welcome to my bathroom…

  1. Lol! That happens to me all the time – it looks like a lovely red though :0) I love the handquilting – it’s beautiful!! You are making good progress.

  2. As always, your photos are great, and I really appreciated/enjoyed the video. Thank you for the time you take to help us along.

  3. If you don’t wash your fabric before constructing the block, can you wash it in the synthrapol in the sink before putting the blocks together and still be successful?

    • Good question! Well…I am going to say yes because that is exactly what I did with my blocks from Bouquet for a New Day. I had made 6 of the blocks using the needleturn method and I was not using glue at time (or starch) so it never occurred to me to wash the blocks. I also did not pre-wash my fabric at that point either. Before I finished the last 6 blocks, I took a class with Pearl from P3 Designs and learned her method of applique and about washing blocks and pre-washing. So I switched methods and started the last 6 blocks with this new method. I took the first 6 blocks and washed them in Synthrapol, knowing that I might have to remake them if the unwashed fabric ran. Sure enough, a few of the reds ran into some of the other fabrics. I un-stitched the fabrics that now had a red tinge to them and replaced them with new fabric. I guess to sum up, if you don’t wash the blocks to see if they are going to bleed, you risk them bleeding when made into a quilt. I hope I have not totally confused you!!

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