No one, but TWO finishes!!

Oh my!  I am so excited!  Here it is just the end of March, and I already have two finishes!  First, Owen’s quilt.  Beautifully quilted by Colleen at Elite Quilting.


And, here is the back.


For the lettering, I just printed “Owen’s quilt”  in Illustrator and prepped the pieces just like I would prep any other shape. Remember this?


And here is my Civil War Bride quilt breathtakingly machine quilted by Rose at Elite Quilting.  I wish you could see this in person!!


Whenever I ask Colleen to machine quilt a quilt for me, she always asks me what design I have in mind.  This is the look I give her….

confused woman

…and then I say, “I don’t know…whatever you think”.  As you can see, my input is not needed at all!

Here are some more pics…





This is the backing I chose…I found it on sale for $6 a yard.  I bought the whole bolt!!


I am also very excited to announce I am just putting the finishing touches on the first block of my first Block-of-the-Month called “To Everything There is a Season”.  It is a quilt designed by MT Designs exclusively for Simple Bird Studio.  Would you like a hint or two?  Well, the quilt consists of twelve 18″ blocks.  And a center medallion.  There is a cardinal, a squirrel, a hummingbird, a basket of poinsettias and a wreath of roses…among other delights.  Look for it next week!

Til next time…




31 thoughts on “No one, but TWO finishes!!

  1. Your work is beautiful,and inspiring. The quilting is exquisite. Looking forward to your new project.

    Applique is my favorite of all stitchery.


  2. WOW! Your CWB quilt looks amazing!! The quilting is so interesting – how does she come up with ideas like that? Owen’s quilt looks very cuddly :0)

  3. Your Civil War Bride quilt is really beautiful. I’m a “beginner” quilter, but took an applique class before I took the quilting class. Applique is the motivator that’s driving the quilting. Love it! Your blog is a great inspiration.
    ME from Florida

  4. I don’t know if my comment went through or not,so here goes another try. Your CWB quilt is fabulous – and even moreso now with the quilting. I know just what you mean saying wishing we could see it. The bits I can see are amazing – what a spectacular job she did! Own’s quilt is so sweet! Love how you labeled it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Can you give an idea of cost for the custom quilting of the Civil War quilt? I enjoy your blog…lots of helpful tips and I love to see your progress. I also like the way you laugh at yourself in your YouTube when you forgot to turn on the light box.

  6. Congrats on your two finishes! Wowsers does that machine quilting look good. Wonderful to have someone you can trust with your fabulous work! Looking forward to seeing the next project!

  7. More! More! More! We need to see more of this wonderful quilt. The quilter did a wonderful job, but we need to see it in it’s entirety, it looks so cheerful.

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Appreciate the making letters tip with Illustrator. Civil war bride is over the top. Applique is exquisite. The machine quilting enhances handwork extremely well. Should enter quilt in a show. Pretty backing fabric is perfect. Smart to puchase the bolt.

  9. What beautiful quilting on your Civil War Bride quilt. Absolutely stunning! I am still working on my blocks – but this sure is inspiration to continue to work on it and get it done. Congratulations!

  10. Aaack, here it is only Monday and we have to wait until next week to see the BOM? I’m sure it will be wonderful, the teaser sure sounds like it. Congratulations on the finishes, each one is very special and you are fortunate to have trustworthy machine quilters who do such beautiful work.

  11. Kerry, your work is so over the top beautiful! Your friends at Elite Quilting also do an awesome job.
    This BOM you’re planning….will you announce it here on the blog? Can’t wait to see it.

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